Can you send me a pricing sheet?

  • I wish that I could post a concise little chart of services, the way that they do at a salon. Your event has needs that are very specific though, and I want to give you a proposal with options that will be the best fit, not a 40-page menu and a calculator.

Do you offer Day of Coordination? I just need someone to come in and set up some decorations.

  • Day of Coordination is something of a myth.  It takes plenty of advance time, preparation, and communication to coordinate a wedding, even one that the couple has spent many hours planning in a very organized way.  A competent, professional Event Coordinator handles the logistics and the vendors so that you can have a wonderful time with your family and friends.

Will hiring a wedding planner save me money, or is it a luxury?

  • Both are true. Hiring a wedding planner  will not only save you a ton of time, stress and car mileage on the nuts and bolts, but we help you avoid costly mistakes, access discounts and negotiate well with venues and vendors. I usually save my clients more money than they pay me.
  • Couples tell me it feels pretty luxurious to have unrushed time to focus on the fun stuff, and know that someone else will take care of the logistics.

My venue requires that I hire a licensed and insured planner or coordinator. Do you have a license and insurance?

  • Absolutely! I have a business license and liability insurance. Your venue isn’t just being picky. Professionals have those things, and you should protect yourself by making sure that all of your vendors have them.

Do you plan LGBTQ weddings?

  • YES! Marriage equality is for everyone.

Our event is going to be a little shall-we-say…unconventional. Does that freak you out?

  • Probably not. I love working with clients who want an event that is very personalized! If that means your big day is going to be (circle all that apply) quirky, geeky, exotic, queer or offbeat, bring it on! Let’s just keep the festivities safe and legal, and treat all people and animals with respect.

Do you plan destination weddings?

  • Yes! My suitcase and passport are always at the ready.

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