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My philosophy about planning events of any kind, but especially weddings, is that we need to focus on what matters most. My role is to help my clients save time, energy and money on the groundwork, so that together we can lavish attention on the details that make your event different from any other. It’s hard to enjoy the process when you feel overwhelmed, and that is where having an experienced, knowledgeable guide comes in not just handy, but essential. 

I want your special day to be seamless, but there would not be a point at all if it isn’t meaningful, fun and unforgettable too. This is a celebration, not a boot camp! My goal is to help you find the right mix of trends and traditions to suit your style, be it a Gatsby-glitz bash, a harmonious Chinese-Jewish mashup, a reverent ceremony for devoted sci-fi fans, or an idyllic wine country picnic.

Marriage equality is one of the most exciting things happening in the world today, and I am thrilled that acceptance of gay marriage allows me to work with LGBTQ couples. I carefully select vendors who are more than delighted to support all types of couples.

 I look forward to hearing about where your wedding journey will take us!

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Sheila Steinberg, Owner/Event Planner

 A Quick Little Autobiography

I grew up in the East Bay, then moved to Santa Barbara to attend UCSB. I earned a degree in French, but always had part-time retail jobs that supported wedding couples, such as bridal registry in department stores and selling engraved invitations. (This was back in the days when registry was done on carbon-copied sheets, and you had to visit the store to get a print out. We had phased out the stone tablets and chisels.)

After college, I studied pastry in Paris and worked in the New York marketing office for Le Cordon Bleu. When I returned to California, I worked in Napa at COPIA, in both the marketing department and special events. This was where I first started to coordinate weddings and other social events, in addition to the corporate and non-profit events that had been part of my marketing roles. In 2008 I was working at a winery, but I started planning weddings for friends, as a side business. Some of them had siblings or children who were also soon engaged, and I decided that planning events was even more fun than writing wine tasting notes. I spent seven years as the event planner for a local non-profit, in addition to weddings for private clients.

My home is in Oakland with my husband Rusty, and I now operate my event planning business full-time, under the watchful eyes of my cats, Chai and Jasmine. (They prefer decor that involves a lot of ribbon.) I am obsessed with tea, culinary history and travel. I believe that planning, organization and attention to detail make events more enjoyable and beautiful, but just like with travel, the moments when serendipity takes over are the most memorable of all. I love helping my clients to celebrate their way!